Price - <$200 USD per

Type - 3D Prop (Humanoid)

Category - Organic

Style - Historically accurate, Photoreal

Format - FBX, OBJ, Blend, Unity package

Scale - Real world

Use - Browser, Mobile, VR

Quality -  NPC, First Person

Keywords - character, clothing, costume, common, 1800, 19th, old

Setting - Medieval, 1800's

File size - N/A

Triangles - <20k per

Animations - None

Function - Character costume, can be animated

Materials - PBR, Atlassed

Textures - Unity SRP Standard shader maps

Notes - Historical commoner clothing. Costumes to be joined with separate character busts + arms/hands only. Should be low poly and modeled with topology appropriate for animation with a humanoid rig.

Title - 1800's style 3D character clothing

Wanted - An assortment of historically accurate 3D character clothing pieces for joining to pre-existing character head/bust, hand/arms, and legs (if visible), rigging, and animating.

Costume Only

Realistic Body Types

Variety of Ages

Dialogues - Share recommendations and seek clarification

  • Juniper R. - Buyer/Creator

    I have purchased from this seller and their clothing models are well optimized: https://sm5.heledahn.com/

  • Jules Santiago - Creator

    Are you looking for these to be fantasy styles or more historically realistic? Grungy or clean?

  • Laurie Annis - Want Ad Author

    Thanks for the question Jules! I definitely need these in a historically realistic style. The grungier the better.